Our Apartment on Radhusgatan in Sodertalje Sweden.

Three views of the living room/bedroom

This is the first view you get as you enter from the foyer.

Notice the sofa/bed on the right, the work table with curtains on it in the center. (the work table has adjustable height.)

and the green comfy chair and clothes closets on the left.

I had to install the ceiling light, the installation instructions said "call an electrician" luckily the instructions were in Swedish so I couldn't read that, so I just went ahead and installed it myself, and it worked!

apartment living room from the foyer

Looking back toward the entry door on the right. The rug is upside down in this picture, I'm trying to flatten it out.

living room view to east

Another view back toward the entry foyer.

living room view to east

The dining area just beyond the work table. The kitchen is to the right of the dining table.

The dining area

The kitchen, I now have a kettle.

apartment kitchen in Sodettalje

A view of the bath.

the bath

The window has a marble ledge for plants.

Most of the lillies face south, one perverse one faces into the room.