Field Note

The Truth

What we really did in Antarctica

30 Feb, 2002

by Paul D

It's not easy being a science reporter in Antarctica, those researchers are as cold and as closed-mouthed as Antarctic Cod. Luckily, Team Exploratorium knew how to win the hearts and minds of scientists.

Our leader Mary Miller was the first into the fray, she went out to the Dry Valley glaciers and chipped thousand year old ice for gin and tonics.

Then donning her outfit as wonder shmooser she went to work and had even the most cold and hardened glaciologists as flexible as putty in her hands.

Following Mary's lead Paul donned his purple wig, picked up his ice-axe air guitar and played for the entire crew of Lake Hoare Hut.

Always a social climber Paul was on the rocks at every opportunity.

Geology grad students Tina and Jessie sort their hoard of Erebus Crystals and greet Paul with cries of "Where's Noel?"

Noel meanwhile is treating the geologists to a vicious game of hearts.

DJ was truly inspired she had Alejandro and MR X working day and night to fill her every wish. She led them by example. Here she is running two computers and a telestream at the same time to try and store and forward a video file to the Exploratorium.

But none of us could touch the work ethic of the McMurdo locals who were impervious to the cold.