Got Gas? Blues

Here is another photo of the route.

got gas blues detail

Here is the route

And the climbing description.

Got Gas? Blues 5.6 Paul Doherty, Shawn Lani (first climb), Joe Hastings

Park at the wide part of the road (2 cars can park parallel to the road and not block it) where the creek goes under the road through 2 steel culverts.

Look to the north. Look for a wall with a crack that arcs to the right then back left. This route starts to the left of the prominent arcing crack.

When you reach the base of the climb there will be a fin of rock behind you with a hole through it.

Notice the chimney at the left side of the wall. Start out at the bottom of this chimney beneath an overhang. Climb the wall just to the right of the chimney. There is a small stopper placement before you move right and up. At the top of the wall you reenter the chimney. Climb up the right wall above the small ceiling, occasionally stemming to the left across the chimney. You will move right to a foot sized whitish foothold out on the wall at the base of a crack that leads to the ridge above (Left of the actual summit). Step out onto the foothold. Move right. Match feet. Reach up to a 1 inch wide ledge handhold. Move right again to the base of a crack. Follow the crack to the ridge. There are placements for several friends at the top.


You can climb down to the east on the side of the ridge opposite the side you climbed up. We roped up for the traverse 5.3 ish. Then un-roped and hiked down the gully to the east.

got gas blues descent

The descent route traverses across the tops of these bulges. It is 5.3 ish.

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