Planet Granite

I do my indoor climbing at Planet Granite in Santa Clara.

Hal crack climbs at Planet Granite
Hal climbing the wall of cracks.

I find that indoor climbing is a fun way to keep in shape for outdoor climbing.

Hal Murray and I have been going to the gym almost every Tuesday night. Often friends come to join us, Nancy Teter, Chris Hibbert, Coral and Brian, and many more.

I have climbed in many gyms around the world, Planet Granite remains my favorite. The walls are not flat but have a rough rocklike texture with curves and natural holds. That makes the climbing more like outdoor climbing.

(My second favorite climbing gym is Klatterverket in Stockholm which features Entre Prise textured wall panels. These panels are flat but their texture is even more like outdoor rock.)

You have to pass a belay test at Planet Granite. Out in the gym, each rope has its own Gri-Gri.

There is a culture of friendliness among the climbers.