Gear list

What I brought plus some group gear:


On short day hikes I always brought the following gear in a small daypack.

On day Bob hiked off without his pack, a cold wind came up this convinced him to always bring warm clothes.

Things I learned this trip: The hard candy was great it kept my throat from drying out.

The LED flashlight was great in the tent, also with 1 AA battery it was light enough to take everywhere.


In addition to the day gear.

Things I learned this trip: The heavy duty plastic bags are great for getting ice.

The chewable pepto-bismol was a great preventive medicine to help stop gas and indigestion. None of us ever had problems.


Lessons learned the hard way on previous trips:

Always bring a thermarest repair kit.

Whenever you take your glasses off put them into a hard shell protective case.

Paul Morgan notes that aspirin is a great blood thinner for high altitudes.