NSTA 2011  Physics Share a Thon

Paul Doherty, Peter Hopkinson

Blinky Light  Use Inova Microlights as mini strobes.

Scanning probe macroscope  Use a scanned cantilever to detect invisible forces.

Extrasolar planet detection  Put a coin in a balloon , spin the balloon and coin and throw them into the air. Observe the motion.

Scale Model of the Atmosphere  Put two thicknesses of 2L PET bottle plastic on a 12 inch diameter globe to show the thickness of 90% of the atmosphere.

Atmosphere Bar A 5.5 foot long square steel bar 1 inch on a side weighs 14.7 pounds and exerts a force of 14.7 pounds per square inch, Atmospheric pressure.

Magnetic Atmosphere Model  Stack 5 donut magnets on a pencil and observe atmospheric pressure.

Expansion of the Universe Draw a sine wave on a rubber band, pull the rubber band and notice how the wavelength increases. The same thing happens to light in a vacuum.

Spin a Kooshball   Model the equatorial bulge of the earth.

Ringing Aluminum Rod   strike an aluminum rod to make it sing hold it to impose nodes.

Whirly  A spinning corrugated tube sings because of vortex shedding.




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4 November 2010