Exploratorium Teacher Institute

Nano Institute 2010

July 26-30

Paul Doherty, Linda Shore

Materials for this workshop are available on the web at: http://www.exo.net/~pauld/summer_institute/2010%20Nano%20Institute.html  

or at http://tinyurl.com/37fecgf

Day 1 Scale, Orientation, Registration,Introduction,Evaluation pre-test, Exploring the scale of the nano world.

Day 2 Tools, What tools do we use to see micro scale and nano scale objects?

Day 3 Self Assembly How are nano scale objects created?

Day 4 Magnetism, teacher presentations and evaluation., What are the health concerns conected with nano particles?

Day 5 Stanford Center for Probing the Nanoscale. Tour Stanford Institute for probing the nanoscale. Host Prof. Tobias Beetz.

NOD Nano Object of the Day Examples of nanotechnology

Nano lecture of the Day

Materials Sources Material sources and References

Questions Your Questions and some answers.




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7 April 2010