Science Teacher Applications


Computers and smart devices have apps available that provide powerful tools for science teachers.

I will concentrate on the Apple family of devices.


A Mac computer

An iphone or an ipad

To Do and Notice


Audacity: A free app that lets you record sound and then look at the waveform of the sound versus time. You can select portions of the sound and then display the sound spectrum.

AudioXplorer: A free app that shows you the waveform of the sound,and its spectrum in real time.

Google Earth: free. Tour the earth. (I love my Space navigator 3D mouse when used with google earth.)

Real Player Downloader: free converts movie files to different formats.


Google Earth: Tour the earth.

Earth Observer: Topographic, bathymetric and Geologic maps for the entire earth. From the Lamont Doherty Geophysical Observatory

Quakes: Show all the earthquakes on earth for the past couple of days.

Color Uncovered: The Exploratorium's first app, explore color.

db Meter Pro: Meaure the decebel level of sound.

bs-spectrum: Show the spectrum of sound in real time.

MagnetMeter: Display the direction and magnitude of the local magnetic firld in 3D and in real time.

Clinometer: Measure the tilt angle of the device.

Top Camera: Control shutter speed and exposure for the device camera. It allows long exposures.

LightMeter: Measure the intensity of light incident on the computer.


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