Baseball 2009


Reaction Time measure your reaction time by dropping a ruler.

Reaction time in baseball, by Linda Shore

Proprioception Snack, by Linda Shore

Proprioception in Baseball by Linda Shore

Sweet Spot, find the center of mass, the center of percussion, and the nodes of a baseball bat.

Curve Thrower Throw a styrofoam ball using a trough of cardboard to give it spin.

How to throw a pitch, throw a styrofoam ball with spin and watch how it curves.

Analyzing a spinning pitch, attach blinking lights to a pitcher and a ball and find the speed of the ball and its spin.

Trajectory  An exploration of baseball trajectories on an exploratorium web page.

Shoot a baseball backward from a truck video

A pigeon is hit by a baseball pitch. Pigeon hit by pitch in slow motion


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23 March 2009