Without a human eye and brain there is no color.




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Disagreeing about Color
How the brain organizes image perception (a video of the visitor is shown as colors, edges, moving edges and faces illustrating how the brain takes apart an image.)
Hoop nightmares (Brain plastiity, wear goggles that deflect the vistors vision 30 degrees to one side and have them learn to shoot baskets.)

Simple versions of Exploratorium exhibits which can be built for under $10
Find the Rays
Stroop Test (multilingual)
McGurk Effect (also available as a snack version with 2 participants and a viewer.)


Sound Uncovered
Find the highest note

Color Uncovered
Shake My Colors, equiluminant time delay.


Lectures on Memory
Sheep Brain Dissection

Anatomy of a Memory 9 minute video of a human brain dissection


Compilation of webcasts on the brain

FMRI Look at a working brain

Diamagnetic grape Use of magnetic forces to probe the nature of materials

Paul Doherty website
Contains perception explorations in the first week of the following summer institute.

Summer Institute

and also used at the science for monks workshop

Second Life

Exploratorium, Splo sims

3D interactive virtual world , exhibits and exhibit prototyping.

Twinkle Suppressor


Exploratorium Science Snackbook
print and online
Gray Step

Human Body Explorations
print and online
Domino Model of a Nerve

The Brain Explorer

Human Resources

Richard Brown PhD perception
Luigi Anzivino PhD Neurophysiology
Charlie Carlson, experimental neurobiology (measure the electrical properties of an aplesia neuron)

Internal Resources

Cumulus Database (A database of exploratorium digital assets accessible to staff only)

Human Brain Dissection Marion Diamond 90 minute video.

External Resources

Project LITE: Prof Kenneth Brecher

Eye and Brain: Richard Gregory

Seeing the Light: Falk, Brill,Stork

Memory resources

Eric Chudler Neuroscience for kids


Images and Links


String Crossing
Seeing versus feeling. Look at one string. What do you see?


Finding Rays
Observe a small bright light, notice the rays. Where are they?

gray step

Gray Step
Learn how the eye and brain emphasize change, for example edges.

Size distance illusion

moonrise sierra

Moon Illusion

Measure the moon's angular size as it rises

Size Constancy

size distance

Size Constancy

Perceived size depends upon more than the size of an image on the retina.

Acoustic Illusions

find the highest note

Find the highest note Acoustic illusion. Museum exhibit available as an Ipad app. Sound Uncovered

Touch Illusions

line up by hand temp

Feel the Temperature

People line up by hand temperature. Then people from the ends of the line shake hands with everyone else.
Verify the result with a thermal camera.

Model of a nerve

domino model nerve

Domino Model of a Nerve, Human Body Book

Explore how a signal propagates only after exceeding a threshold, and how the speed of propagation and signal amplitude is independent of the trigger signal.

Teaching in a 3D virtual world
quantum lecture

Quantum physics class in Second Life 50 students: slides, videos, 3D interactive models, voice , text for whole class, individual private chat. Assistants!

Twinkling Suppressor

twinkling suppressor

When twinkling dots rotate the perception of twinkling is reduced.

Scientific Explorations by Paul Doherty

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