Without a human eye and brain there is no color!


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Disagreeing about color, This exhibit answers the question "Do other people see the same colors I see?"

Mix and Match  How many colors can you see?


Colored shadows  Combine light from red, green and blue bulbs to make white light, then use shadows to subtract colors.

Pigment mixing Mix Magenta Cyan and Yellow pigments from Mr. Sketch pens to make different colors by subtraction.

Soap film in a can Use transparent soap films to make colors due to interference of light waves.

Permanent Oil Slick Use clear nail polish to make colors using interference of light waves.

CD Spectrometer Make your own spectrometer with a compact disk.

The sensitivities of the human cones

Sensitivities of human cones

The CIE Color Chromaticity Diagram 1931

CIE Color Chromaticity Diagram




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