LIGO 2015



Oil Spot Photometer pdf Compared the energy needed to provide the same amount of light from an incandescent and compact fluorescent bulb.

Self Centered Globe Put an earth globe in the sunlight and see the pattern of light and dark around the world, then feel the pattern of warm and cool.
Shadows, seasons and the angle of the sun.

Shadows map motion every hour

Solar Motion Demonstrator

Domino model Measure the speed of a falling line of dominoes, this models neuron speeds.

Chain of handshakes Measure the speed of nerve propagation

Bob Miller's lightwalk online version

PDF version


Motion walking functions:

Walking Feet pdf

Walking worksheet pdf

Walking Function Cards pdf

Motion Map by dropping cotton balls, and graph.

Tammy's Energy Explorations

Energy Toy Lab pdf

Energy Rules pdf

Claims and Evidence Hints pdf

Procedure Hints pdf

Energy transformation lab: CaCl +H2O, solar panel to fan, stomp rocket, glow stick, crank flashlight,

Energy Transformation Lab pdf



Materials needed

Oil Spot Photometer

Blank white index cards (4x6 are best but any size will work.) One per teacher.
Cooking oil (a small supply to wet the center of the cards)
a meter stick (one for each group)
lightbulbs One incandescent perhaps 60 watt, one compact fluorescent 60W equivalent, optional one LED 60 W equivalent.)
Lightbulb holders (clamp lights, light bulb bases)( 2 per group)

150 watt lightbulb (or 200 W) one total to measure the power of the sun)
Extension cord to run light outdoors.

Self Centered Globe

Earth globe 9 inches diameter or larger (One per group)
Small earth globe 4 inches or smaller (One per group)
Cylinder 4 inches in diameter 4 inches high (place the globe on the cylinder)

Domino Model of a Nerve

Meter stick (one per teacher, or piece of wood as stiff as a wooden meter stick I got about 1/4" thick and 1" wide and at least 18 inches long)
Blank Plastic Dominoes $13 per 100, 20 per teacher
Masking tape 1 3/4 inch wide roll per group
Stopwatch 1 per group (Micron Timer)


Washers as weights



optional extras

Waves on a phonecord Travel at a constant speed which you can measure:

Terminal Velocity, after accelerating downward a short distance a coffee filter will approach a constant terminal velocity.


Scientific Explorations by Paul Doherty

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16 May 2015