Water 2015

Chemi-palooza: the Watery Tour

Oct 31 2015

With Eric Muller and Paul Doherty

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Freeze! Sign up right now for this workshop if you teach about our favorite molecule, Dihydrogen Monoxide! We have the solution (or precipitate) for a far out morning of learning about solids, liquid and gas.  Topics will range from chemistry in your classroom to Pluto’s icy moon.

Don’t be all wet, go with the flow and join us as we investigate the Mickey Mouse molecule. See you real soon.

Break time with geyser setup

Phase Diagram of Water


Triple Point 273.16K, 0.01 °C at 0.006 Atm

Freezing point  273.15 K, 0 °C at 1 Atm

Powerpoint on the phases of water

The following powerpoint is a 10 megabyte download. Water Phases 2015


Temperature 33 to 55 K

Gravity 0.063 g

Day 6 days 9 hrs

Pressure 0.3 to 1 Pa

R = 1190 km

M = 0.002 Mearth

Atmosphere: Nitrogen, methane, Carbon Monoxide

Surface ice H2O , N2, CO

Enceladus, Moon of Saturn, Water crust over water ocean, water geysers

Temperature 33- 145 K

Pressure vacuum


Temperature  94K

Pressure 1.5 Atm



Scientific Explorations by Paul Doherty

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28 October 2015