Traces of Time

The book Traces of Time by Pat Murphy and Paul Doherty features spectaclar images by William Neill.The idea of the book is to take you on a walk through nature, a walk guided by Pat and Paul. On this web page I've expanded on some of the ideas found in the book and llustrated them with my own images.

Both the book and this website are divided into chapters based on time periods.

Years: The cycle of the seasons.

Tree rings record the seasons.
Lakes become meadows.

tree rings in Tuolumne meadows

Thousands of Years:

Climate change and Erosion

cirque of the towers wyoming

Millions of years:

Making and destroying rocks

View from Mt. Conness Yosemite

Billions of years:

Making stars and planets.

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

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4 October 2000