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Paul Doherty at Chimney Rock NC

Scientific Explorations

And Adventures

Written by Paul Doherty

Explore the world. Do experiments. Examine scientific images.

Paul Doherty, the celebrated teacher and senior scientist at San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum, died in August, 2017, after a return of cancer that had been in remission.

Here is a wonderful tribute to Paul written by Danielle Venton of KQED Science.

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I was invited to give a lecture in Dharamsala, India at the conference on Cosmology and Consciousness. All the presenters were welcome by the Dalai Lama.

PD and Dahlia Lama


Scientific Explorations
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Sounds Good to Me

SFUSD workshop August 2016


New Teachers 2016


Vitruvian Teacher

AAPT Worksop July 16, 2016

Waves of light sound and gravity



Attend a Summer Institute on the Web.

Teachers explore shadows
Teachers making images of the sun with pinholes made by crossing their fingers.

TI Supply carts, these crucial carts full of simple supplies are necessary when doing hands-on science.

TI Bulk Storage Cabinets.

Paul's Notes

Force Diagrams

Fan Cart

30 January 2016

Exploring Light

Coursera 2016

Climate Workshops

for Explainers


Water Workshop

31 October 2015

Symphony Workshop
Oct 8, 2015

Wave Workshop
19 Sep 2015

Analog and Digital signals

Alumni Summer Institute
Motor Resistance and Power

Alumni Summer Institute
Exploring Energy and Matter


Disagreeing About Yellow


LIGO 2015
Light Energy and Motion

Planets Orbits and Seasons
Planets Orbits Seasons

The Brain first meeting of a 4 week course.

Brain two

4 April 2015

Electric and Magnetic Fields

18 March 2015

New Ideas for Old Snacks

6 March 2015

Image formation

Build an LED point source and find the location of images of it.

13 December 2014

Exploring The Brain
Hands-on models 6 Dec 2014

Exploring the Brain with
the AMNH
An online workshop

15 November 2014

NGSS STEM conference

Keynote on Sound and Music

21 November 2014

Science for Monastics 2014

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute works with Science leader monks and nuns as well as Geshes in Dharamsala India.

Summer 2015

Energy and Matter

Summer Institutes 2014

High School AM

Google Drive Institute Page

Summer Institute 2014 index to resources

Katie's Activities
Reaction Time
The neuron game
The neuron datasheet
Sickeningly Sweet Boy

Afternoon elective sections

Sound Loudness
Images Mirrors
RAFT Magnetism
Circuit Models


LIGO 2014

6 June 2014


Boundaries of Science

31 May 2014

MakerFaire 2014

Dissect the radiofrequency spectrum

17 May 2014


Earth and Moon to Scale

Black Hole Addition

Expansion of Light

Gravity Wave Model

10 May 2014


Coursera Re-Engineering your science curriculum

Wk4Assignment Outline

Domino Fall
Rotating Cylinder

NSTA Boston 2014

Domino Fall
Rotating Cylinder
Engineering Practices in the NGSS

Brain Workshop


29 March 2014

Solar Cells Class outline

Explore Solar Cells

Solar Brightness/Solar Constant

23 Nov 2013

Data Visualization


Sea Level rise San Francisco
worst case projection 2100
maps legend

19 Oct 2013



String Trajectories

Shot bullet versus dropped

28 Sep 2013

Ligo 2013


and Electromagetic Spectrum

24 August 2013

Re-Engineering Your Curriculum

29 July 2013

Summer Institutes 2013

High School AM

Google drive Institute

Paul's website The Institute 2013

PM sections

Sound Loudness
Images Mirrors
RAFT Magnetism
Circuit Models


Nordic Physics 2013

12 June 2013

Brain AMNH

AMNH 2014

11 May 2013


11 March 2013


8 February 2013


17 Nov 2012

The Color of Water

Learn Science by Doing Science



Vesta Kirby Color Class

Exploratorium Observatory
September 2012

Class Outline

Rectified Globe

polarization model

Polarization of the sky


Science Museum Presenter Master Class

Questacon 2012


Eclipses, Transits, extrasolar Planets

University of Denver 2012




Tides Hopewell rocks
There are huge tides in the Bay of Fundy.

The tides on earth are pulled up by the gravity of the moon which decreases from the near side of the earth to the far side, creating two tidal bulges each day.



Newton's Cradle

A TI workshop February 2012

The Fabric of the Universe

A lecture series for Geshes, Dharamsala 2011

Forces on a Wingsail

Americas Cup San Diego, 17 Nov 2011


Workshop November 2011

Motion explorations

LIGO 2011

Paper Electrical Circuits

Squishy Resistors, playdoh

A workshop at Flax 22 Oct 2011

Learning Astronomy in the 21st Century

a presentation for the NCSM
19 September 2011


Mobius Explorations

Count the sides
Mobius Dissection
Mobius Article
Mobius collisions
Mobius Decay

September 20 2011

Force and Motion


15 September 2011


Weather 2011


The Physics of Color


Summer Institute 2011

High School Science at the Exploratorium.

Science For Monastics Week1

Science For Monastics Week2

Science For Monastics: Monks Present

Gray Step postcard .png

MRS Workshop

Developing Material Science Activities for Everyone


Build airplanes of paper and styrofoam. Explore the physics of flight.

Weather Workshop 2011

at the piers

LIGO workshop 2011


Physics Shareathon 2011

Paul Doherty Peter Hopkinson

Nano Saturday 2010

NCAAPT Blinky Lights

Nano activities
Area Volume
Scanning Probe Macroscope

Self Assembly Floating Coins

Exnet Trainings

Exnet is a partnership of museums who have sets of Exploratorium Exhibits. Here are some activities associated with these exhibits which we do at teacher professional development workshops at the Exploratorium.

Exhibit Set 3 subset Perception, LIGO, Sep 2010.

Exhibit Set 1, Omniplex, Oklahoma, March 2005

AMNH, Exhibit set D, New York.

Exhibit Set A (Draft) Los Angeles

Exhibit set #2 (Draft) Rochester NY

Exhibit set #3 (Draft) COSI Toledo

Exhibit Set #5 (Draft) Fort Worth

Exnet exhibits. LLNL Discovery Museum

Exhibits Group D. Fresno Met, Sept. 2006

RAFT Magnetism 2010

Nano Institute 2010


Summer 2010 notes

Summer 2009 Notes

Summer 2008 Notes


Material Research Society

Floating Coins

Soap Film in a Can

Soap Film Interference
Soap Film Colors

Permanent Oil Slick

Snackbook 2Ed.

Paul, Don Eric and Modesto present the new improved Snackbook.

Gray Step
The Exploratorium no longer makes the gray step postcard, here is a version for your printer.

January 30, 2010



Planet finder

Ray Tracing

What Galileo Saw

What you can see.

Build and study a telescope.

December 5, 2009



Atom explorations

December 5, 2009



Reynolds Number

Terminal Velocity

Wave explorations October 24, 2009


The Idea Place

Wave explorations August 2009


Water 2009

Activities about water.

Bolt Sounds

Iron Science Teacher, Nuts and Bolts, 26 June 2009



Explorations.28 March 2009


Explorations.28 March 2009

Foucault vs Latitude

Explorations.28 March 2009


Explorations.21 March 2009

Spectrum Montana

Motion Explorations.13 March 2009

Ligo 2009

17, 18, 19 February 2009

Three days of science explorations for middle school teachers at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory.

Ligo teachers proprioception


Louisiana Tech

14, 15 February 2009
Two days of science explorations for middle and high school teachers and professional developers at Sci Tec in Ruston Louisiana.


Oxygen Isotope Thermometer

How glacier ice records the temperature versus time over the last few hundred thousand years.

14 December 2008
Exploratorium Teacher Institute Workshop


Greenhouse Effect

The atmospheric greenhouse effect is not the greenhouse effect that occurs in greenhouses.

22 November 2008
Exploratorium Teacher Institute Workshop



Converting potential energy into kinetic energy.

15 November 2008
Aircraft Carrier Hornet


Sun Colloquium

A colloquium about the physics of the Sun.

5 November 2008 Exploratorium


CSTA 2008

Learn Science by Doing Science
a presentation by Paul Doherty

1 November 2008


Error propagation

A TI workshop on 18 October 2008

Anna R measures width


Freefall and Orbits

Searching for the meaning of weight.

A TI workshop on 11 October 2008


Swinging Music

Play music to the rhythm of pendulums

Pendulum Pipes

The math behind pendulums and palm pipes.



Maker Faire 2008

Light activities in our darkroom.



Baseball Physics

Finding the Center of Mass of the bat.

Finding the Sweet Spots of the bat and throwing a curve ball.

Baseball Reference URLs


Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Electricity Static and Dynamic

Paul Doherty, Julie Yu
Washington DC 1 May 2008


Museums on the Web 2008
Museums in Virtual Worlds

Montreal April8, 2008
Paul Doherty and Rob Rothfarb


Deli container mathematics

Teacher Institute workshop

April 26, 2008

Jamylle Carter and Paul Doherty


Arkansas 2008

Eye Workshop and powerpoint

Magnetism and Electrostatics Activities

Activities for the Science Standards grades 7 through 9

Galapagos powerpoint

Electric Circuits

Waves, sound and light

Balance and Center of Mass (draft)

Paul Doherty

Deli container mathematics

2007 workshop for the CMC Asilomar Conference

Jamylle Carter and Paul Doherty

Zoom :Scaling and image processing

with Jamylle Carter

Space Science

A workshop Nov 5 -6 2007

Bay Area Mathematics Project, 20 October 2007


A keynote lecture by Paul Doherty

Images of Polar Bear Fur

Pola bear fur is hollow and is rough inside. This makes it scatter light. Thus it is the opposite of a fiber optic.

Physics Teacher's Inventions Fair

August 27 , 2007 I gave a presentation of science explorations using simple materials in Prague , The Czech Republic.

Maker Fair Magnetism

Explore magnetism

19 May 2007

Gadgets Workshop

Starring Curt Garielson and his mighty Roach motor

Square of Electricty

Electric Force, Field, Potential Energy and Potential

Museums on the Web

A workshop about building museums in Second Life.

Museums in Virtual Worlds Wiki

AAAS 2007

Science Exhibits from Birth to Death

Webcam Workshop at the Exploratorium, on Newton's Laws.

Terminal Velocity F= ma

Free Fall action and reaction.

Weather 2006

Workshop at the Exploratorium, on weather and climate.

Global Climate ChangeWeather Now

Webcasts and workshops.

Carbon Dioxide Models

Weather Past

Weather Future

Coring a layer cake

LIGO Museum Grand Opening

A workshop on the new exhibits.

LIGO 2006 workshop

Paul Doherty, Tom Humphrey,
Lori Lambertson


Using high tech gadgets to explore science:digital cameras see in the Infrared, computers as sound analyzers, polarized light sources and strobscopes.

Global Climate Change

A Workshop Given on 22 April 2006


Teacher workshops to prepare for the CSET exam.


Diffraction Grating, look through it at lights.
View a Spectrum with a CD
Look at lights reflected in a CD.
Project a Rainbow with a CD
Diffraction Grating project a spectrum with an overhead.
CD spectra, an introduction.
CD spectroscope make it from a tube.

A workshop presented at RAFT 15 May, 2004.

Project a rainbow-like spectrum with a CD.

Bringing Mars Down to Earth

A lecture presented in Italy for Astronomy Week, in April 2004. The lecture was given in Naples, Rome and Perugia.

Physics at the Exploratorium

This lecture was given in Pavia and Naples.

Burning magnesium in CO2


Popular Errors

Polar Bear fur is fiber optic. NOT

Glass is a liquid. NOT

Urban Legends of Science

Workshop 7 February 2004.

Magnetism Workshops at Technorama

My Technorama Forum Lecture on Magnetism.

2000 Years of magnetic discoveries, in 40 minutes.

Here are teacher workshop activities on magnetism.

Magnet activities

Hanging a magnet and pointing north.

Paul hangs a magnet at technorama

Questacon proposal 1

A useful site for all science teachers, Graph paper as PDF files for your own printer: rectangular, logarithmic and more.

To See Older Explorations Go to the Archive.



Outdoor Adventures
My most recent adventures are on top.


Morresa and Martin take me and Paul Morgan to the end of the earth to sea Kayak Tierra del Fuego and hike the W trek in Torres del Paine park.


Hiking down from Mirador Cerro Fitzroy


John Muir Trail

Paul Morgan and Jim Sulivan take me with them from Bishop to Mt. Whitney as they finish the John Muir trail.

John Muir


Osprey Overhang

Hal and I introduce Galen to adventure climbing. Or as Hal says 5.7?

the roof

Slot Canyons 2007

Bob Ayers introduced me to the exploration of slot canyons in June 2007.

We Explored the Escalante country.

Read about it here.

Paul D climbs up into
Peekaboo slot canyon.

The Dolomites

In September 2006, Martin and Morresa Meyer invited me to join them on a three week adventure free climbing and climbing Via Ferratas in Switzerland and in the Dolomites of Italy.

The first installment is now posted.

Morresa and Paul D in Via Ferrata gear.

The Lost Coast

Backpacking a 24 mile stretch of the California Coast inaccesible by road.

With Paul Morgan, Leslie Warren and Cole the Dog.

May, 2006

Road Trip 2005

Paul Morgan and I hiked, climbed and mountain biked in the Owens Valley and around Moab for two weeks in 2005.


Here are tales of our adventures.

Golden Toad

Daniel McColgan joins me and Hal Murray and Eric Wegryn on his first multipitch outdoor climb. 2005.



Paul Doherty leading on Squaw Dome, Southern Yosemite.

Mt. Lyell 2003

Up Lyell and around it via the Sierra High Route.

Right, Paul Morgan climbs the ridge of Mt. Lyell.->

50 miles in 5 days.

Adventure on trail and off.

Interesting Rocks

Hal Murray and I visit Southern Yosemite in search of climbing and find interesting rocks.

June 1, 2003

Radial Boulder on Jackass Dome

Fossil Falls

On our 25'th wedding anniversary Ellen and I took a trip to Bishop and visited some interesting local hot spots.

Teton Traverse on Telemark Skis

Martin and Morresa Meyer and I were guided by Glenn of Rendezvous Ski Tours on a traverse of the Tetons from Victor, Idaho to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on 19-20 March 2003. The image shows us near the end of the traverse, our route is in the background.

Martin and Morresa Meyer Paul Doherty Teton traverse

Joshua Tree 2003

After many years away I joined a team of 5 other leaders and returned to Joshua Tree.

The weather was perfect, 60 F days and 40 F nights. We climbed from dawn to dusk and had a great time.

In this photo we are leading routes on the north face of Stirrup Rock.

Joshua Tree 2003 N face Stirrup rock

Cathedral Peak

Matthes Crest

Conness West Ridge

with Paul Morgan

September 2002.

Long fun climbs!

The west ridge of Mt. Conness
Conness West Ridge

The Obelisk

West Face, II 5.7

With Hal Murray and Chris Hibbert.

Fun climbing up a sea of chickenheads.

20 July 2002

The Obelisk west ridge is the right skyline.

Machette Ridge

The Old Original Route in the Pinnacles of California.

With Joe Hastings and Chris Hibbert.

June 30,2002.

My best day skiing!

February 2000. Hal and I experienced telemark skiing down perfect powder snow from a summit in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia.

My first week at the Durrand Glacier Chalet.

February 1999. Earning my turns near the Durrand Glacier Chalet high in the Selkirk mountains.

Seven Continents. When I landed in Australia in February 2002 I touched my seventh continent.

Kangaroo Mom and Joey

Mt. Aspiring

New Zealand

January, 2002

with Bob Ayers

Mt Aspiring

Mount Moran 2001

In September, Martin and Morresa Meyer and Paul Morgan joined me for a climb of the arete variation of the CMC route on Mount Moran in The Tetons of Wyoming.

We also climbed Wolf's Head in the Wind Rivers.

September 2001

The Arete variation of the CMC route

Grand Canyon 2001

Six of us visited the Grand Canyon.

We "hiked" from Swamp Point to Crazy Jug point . Some of the hiking was actually canyoneering.

We covered 8 straight line miles in 6 days.

June 2001

Chris Hibbert in Saddle Canyon.

We did it!

We completed the first ascent of a 6100 m, 20,000 foot high Andean peak: Sierra Nevada de Lagunas Bravas. On 12 December, 2000, Bob Ayers, Paul Morgan, Tony Brake, and I went where no one had gone before. Read about it here.

At the summit of Sierra Nevada

Lunch Ledge,
Washington Column
October 22, 2000

Joe Hastings and I climbed the oldest technical rock climbing route in Yosemite Valley.

Here is the view up the south face of Washington Column.
Click the image to enlarge->

Lunch Ledge Washington Column

Via Aqua

This climb leads up left of Yosemite Falls.
Oct 24, 2000 and Sep 1987

See Martin Meyer climb the final chimney.
Click the image to enlarge->


To See older Adventures go to the

Writing, Media, Awards
My most recent publications are on top.


Paul Doherty and dalai Lama

In December I was a presenter at the Cosmology and Consciousness conference in Dharamsala, India. The conference was opened by the Dalai Lama who is shown here greating the speakers. My talk was my Boundaries of Science lecture, reduced to 20 minutes.More


PD reads at wedding


My postdoc Stephanie Chasteen asked me to preside at her wedding to Terry on September 10, 2011. She asked for a science reading, so I chose to read from Feynman Lectures on Physics Volume 1, chapter 3  page 10. "The Universe in a glass of wine."




Sunset Color

Magnetism Introduction

Electrostatics introduction


Cornell Physics Lecture

I was invited to give the Keival lecture at Cornell.

Explorations demonstrated during the lecture.


Saltwater battery Activities to accompany an article in the Physics Teacher Magazine.


Physics Teacher's Invention Fair

Here is the web page of the Fair,

27 - 29 August 2007, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

I delivered the keynote lecture at the 2007 Invention Fair in Prague.
Over 150 physics teachers gathered to share their latest hands-on physics explorations.

Learn Science by Doing Science here is a link to my powerpoint presentation

and here are links to the demonstrations that I presented.

Paul Doherty plays the bag whirly
Paul Doherty plays the bag whirly.



AAPT 75'th anniversary

To celebrate the 75'th anniversary of the founding of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the members selected 75 physics teachers to write about what they thought was important to the future of physics education. I was honored to be chosen.

Paul Doherty


In September of 2006 the Exploratorium Published the Exploratopia, a 384 page collection of science explorations for children 8 years old and older.

I was the science advisor to Pat Murphy who created the book. This book was the work of dozens of people at the Exploratorium. It creates new activities and harvests older ones.

Light refracted by airflow over the wing
of a commercial airliner.Shock Wave

Novaya Zemlya-like Sunset images

A sunset over the Pacific on December 3, 2006 results in a long lasting bar hanging over the horizon for nearly two minutes.

Great Moments in the History of Science

Some of my favorite short science stories.

Transit of Mercury

A live webcast of the transit was streamed into Second Life.

Total Solar Eclipse, Side, Turkey

March 29 2006

Dispatches from the field

Paul Doherty plays the aluminum rod photo by Marko Budisa
Paul plays the aluminum rod at Bistra castle

GIREP: The International Group for the Teaching of Physics, 2005

The 3rd International GIREP Seminar in Ljubljana Slovenia 5 to 9 September 2005, invited me to be a speaker.
I presented a paper on the Exploratorium Teacher Institute and did a science performance after the conference dinner at Bistra Castle.

Scientific American Magazine presented their Science and Technology web awards for 2004 in the category of astronomy the winner was the Exploratorium's Cassini-Huygens website. We beat out NASA!

In the award notice online they mentioned me by name suggesting that viewers watch, "riveting webcasts by Paul Doherty, the most enthusiastic astronomer ever to don a headset, and his game sidekick, NASA's Eric Wegryn. "

Pauld Doherty and "Sidekick" planetary scientist Dr. Eric Wegryn.

Iron Science Teacher

Valentine's day 2005


Contrail Shadow image a solution to a puzzle on Astronomy Picture of the Day.

A contrail, its shadow on the ground and on the air.

Click to enlarge.


Skateboard science

Ollie Physics

Turning in Air

Family Fling 2004

Explore listening with strings, balloons cake racks, paper towel rolls and more.

Ellen and I went to Costa Rica in August of 2004.
I was invited by Alejandra Leon of Cientec and sponsored by Jack's to be a speaker at the sixth congress of science and mathematics in Liberia, a city in Guanacaste province in northern Costa Rica.


Paul makes a pattern with floating coins as Alejandra translates.

June 7, 2004

Transit of Venus Program at the Exploratorium

See the crushing effects of the hot, dense Atmosphere of Venus, see what happens when sulfuric acid rain touches carbohydrates, feel a simulated air blast from a meteor on Venus.

by Paul Doherty and Eric Muller

Magnesium metal burns inside a block of dry ice.

April, 2004 Italy

Paul was invited to be a lecturer for the Fifth Astronomy Week in Italy. I lectured in: Calitri, Avellino, Naples, Rome, Florence, Perugia, Pavia and Milan. I also got to see ScienzaViva, a legendary science museum in Calitri, and to meet Pietro Cerreta, Canio Toglia, and Lucia Corbo.

Paul and Ellen in an Italian Opera house.

At the National Science Teachers National Convention of 2003 I was given the Faraday Award for excellence in science communication.

I was honored to be recognized by fellow science teachers and science communicators for work which I love to do.

Paul receives the NSTA Faraday Award from Steve Jacobs.

Iron Science Teacher

February 141,2004
Battle Chocolate.

In April 2004 I won the "Red Tape" battle at the Education Summit in Washington DC.

On October 12, 2001 A special version of Iron Science Teacher with just 2 contestants, me and Ken Brecher. Ken is a physicist/teacher from Boston University and also an MIT physics alumnus.

On July 28 2000 the secret ingredient was aluminum foil.
I presented an exploration of how foil shapes sink in air and water and won the coveted title of Iron Science Teacher.

paul  in the webcast studioPaul Competing

Mars Webcasts at the Exploratorium

View from the Surface

Martian Rock Climbing

Camping on Mars

Martian Snowflakes

Mission Update

Playing on Mars

Human Senses on Mars

Mission update 2/14

Paul and Ron in the webcast theater with the Mars Rover model, and a cart full of science demos.

Images of Phenomena

Nearly 1000 of my images of scientific phenomena are available on-line through the Exploratorium: images of physics, geology, meteorology and more.

Check them out free at

The Exploratorium Image Database

A circumzenithal arc cuts through the sky above the treetops of Yosemite Valley.

Try This with Paul's Friends

A monthly program of science experiments demonstrated by the world's greatest science teachers.

Iron Science Teacher at the NSTA National Convention 2003

I used the secret ingredient of NSTA convention catalog covers to make a huge bell for my straw oboe. The sound that comes out is astonishing.

Paul Doherty plays the straw oboe with the giant bell at the NSTA

Antarctica 2001/2002

I was a writer in the 2001-2002 NSF Artists and Writers Program in Antarctica. I went as part of an Exploratorium Webcast team.

Here are the stories of some of my experiences plus a few images.

Passing the physical
Leaving Home
On the Ice
To The Ice Caves
Paul's Notes from McMurdo
Survival School
Mt. Erebus
The Flying Geologists
Climbing Castle Rock
Hiking the Dry Valleys

You can also read our Field Notes on the Exploratorium web site.

Square Wheels

by Don Rathjen and Paul Doherty

It is a continuation of the Exploratorium Science Snackbook Series with 30 brand new experiments.

Square Wheels was chosen as one of the best books of 2002 for teenagers by the New York Public Library.

See the Exploratorium website for ordering information.

Hawaiian lava flows into the sea. © 2000William Neill

Traces of Time

by Pat Murphy and Paul Doherty
photographs by William Neill

Published by Chronicle Books, September 2000

A guide to seeing the effects of time on the world. From the daily opening and closing of a California poppy, through the yearly growth rings of trees, to the million year long cooling of magma which forms the large crystals in the granite of Tuolumne meadows.

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

I write a quarterly science column with Pat Murphy.

It's a great honor writing for a column that was once authored by Isaac Asimov.

Gravity for the Adventurous, how to fall faster than g. Close Encounters of the Gravitational Kind,
how does a gravity assist work?
Messing with your Mind Memory research
Mirror, Mirror,
Mirrors and right-left reversal
The Shadow Knows,
seasons and the analemma

Caution, Tuning Fork

This Australian Road sign is an appropriate warning when dealing with tuning forks.

Australian tuning fork warning sign

What Do You See?

I was shocked to see a sign on a walk around Punakaiki Rocks on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand that proudly proclaimed one of my favorite sayings.

Solar Eclipse 2001

I'm back from Zambia, Africa, where the Exploratorium team webcast the total solar eclipse on June 21, the solstice.

It was the most spectacular eclipse of the 6 central eclipses I have seen.

Check out our adventures here and on the Exploratorium Eclipse site.

You can watch the archive of our webcast at the same site too.

Diamond Ring before totality in Zambia 2001

Solar Eclipse Continued

Ready to Go
Arrival in Zambia
The Dance of the Earth and the Moon
Kubu Cabins
A Day at Sausage Tree Camp
What we need is a Physicist.
Are the Rays Real?
In the Dark

See how I became a Vogue fashion model.

My cousin Pat says of all the adventures on my web page this one is the hardest to believe!

I appeared in Vogue L'oumo, Italian men's Vogue, in the May/June 2000 issue. In an article on "Men of Science."

Go to the story

pauld Vogue model

Images of science



and much more.

two sets of waves add together © 1999

To See Older Material go to the Archive.

Final image 2014

Liberty Cap Summit

The summit of Liberty Cap, Yosemite. A Kite photo with Curt Gabrielson and Bill Maney.

Previous final images.

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty


20 August 2013