CSTA 2008


Learn Science by Doing Science

by Paul Doherty, Senior Staff Scientist, The Exploratorium

The Powerpoint of the entire presentation with the names and sources of all the demos is here Learning Science by Doing Science


Resources: Check out these online resources available on the website: http://www.exo.net/~pauld/lectures/CSTA2008.htm

Paul's website: http://www.exo.net/~pauld/   contains hundreds of science explorations.

The Exploratorium Website: http://www.exploratorium.edu/ which contains tens of thousands of pages of information for teachers.

In particular check out the teacher resources on the Exploratorium Website http://www.exploratorium.edu/educate/index.html

The Exploratorium has two science museums in the virtual world of Second Life, vist the sims named Exploratorium and Sploland.

Eric Muller also has the website Do Science, http://www.doscience.com/  with many hands-on explorations.

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute, runs science workshops for middle and high school science and mathematics teachers.

The "Exploratorium Science Snackbook" is online and describes how to build 100 exhibits for under $10 each.

RAFT, the resource area for teachers. http://www.raft.net/, a resource center for teacher members that provides inexpensive materials at their San Jose warehouse and free ideas for science and Mathematics teaching on their website.

ISS Science Officer Don Pettit: http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/station/crew/exp6/spacechronicles1.html Officer Pettit does some wonderful hands-on experiments with water drops and films in the freefall environment of the International Space Station.


The Snackbook sequel is "Square Wheels" with 30 more complex recipes.

Recently for elementary school children we published The Exploratopia.

The Exploratorium

The Teacher Institute

Iron Science Teacher



Pendulum Snake

Icy Bodies

Floating in Copper

Repel a Grape

Flying Hydra


Tape Electroscope

Al Rod





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