Iron Science Teacher

Iron Science Teacher is a webcast competition among science teachers to create and present a science lesson using a "secret" ingredient.

You can view live webcasts and archival recordings of past episodes on-line by going to

Exploratorium Iron Science Teacher Site

There are usually six contestants. They know the secret ingredient one week ahead. During the webcast they have ten minutes to construct their lesson and five minutes each to present it.

On July 28 I won the iron science teacher competition using aluminum foil.

Aluminum Foil study how shape affects the falling of aluminum foil in air and water

You can see written versions of my favorite Iron Science teacher activities at the following web addresses:

Compact Disk build a frictionless airpuck

Meter Stick make a model of a human nerve using dominos

Coins aluminum coins "float" on the surface tension of water and make crystal-like patterns.


A collection of still images of an Iron Science teacher program at which the secret ingredient was fruitcake is available at

Battle Fruitcake

Eric Muller causes rapid oxidation of Fruitcake.

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

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6 October 2000