LIGO Motion Explorations 2011

Downhill Race Measure motion under constant acelleration

Blinky lights, meaure any type of motion with a rapidly blinking light,

Falling rhythm, dropped objects accelerate too quickly under gravity for you to measure their motion, however you can hear their motion.

Curved track: Gravtity's Rainbow, Tautochrone and tides:

Reaction timer, use a ruler falling with constant acceleration under gravity to calculate your reaction time

Tide explorer: three marbles rolled along a groove with the shape y = -1/x will show the motion of objects in freefall near the earth. The marbles separate because they experience tidal forces.

Domino Model of a Nerve measure motion at constant velocity, and then explore how it depends on the spacing between the dominos.

Waves on a phonecord Travel at a constant speed which you can measure:

Terminal Velocity, after accelerating downward a shrt distance a coffee filter will approach a constant terminal velocity.

A frictionless airpuck on a level surface travels at constant speed.:

Simply measure the period of a pendulum

Motion walking functions:

Walking function 2 (different speeds) Velocity and Slope


Just when you think everything falls at a constant acceleration of g try this, Falling Slinky


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