Fly through the air with the greatest of ease.


A great resource for aerodynamics Is A beginners guide to aerodynamics  from NASA.

Build and analyze a paper plane, Find the Center of gravity, Center of Pressure, and measure the glide ratio.

center of gravity paper plane

Build a Styrofoam Airplane Find the Center of gravity, Center of Pressure and study stability.

styrofoam plane

Nakamura Lock  How to fold a paper plane.

Glide ratio Measure the glide ratio.

Terminal Velocity Drop coffee filters and measure the terminal velocity to investigate air resistance.

terminal velocity

Aerodynamic thoughts Bernoulli versus newton versus circulation.


Reynolds Number A word document download about Reynolds number and turbulence, drag shapes through flow visualization solution.


Curve Ball  The physics of the curve ball

Thrown for a curve more on curve balls

Look Ma no wings, animals that glide. (Word Document) by Sandra Robins. Make paper models of flying animals.


Balancing Ball An airstream impacts a ball and holds it up against gravity.

Bernoulli Levitator Air flowing over a disk creates a lower pressure which suports the disk.

Flow Formations Bubble filled water flows around shapes, showing







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