The Exploratorium Center for Learning and Teaching presents

Try This! With Paul's Friends.

by Paul Doherty


Every month we'll introduce you to one of the greatest science teachers in the world.

We'll join them as they demonstrate their best science explorations.

We can follow their lead and "Try This" for each of their Explorations of science.

You become a scientist by doing science.

Paul holds the balloon of his guest Dr. Yoji Takikawa.

Program 1. Dr. Yoji Takikawa:

Program 2 Prof. Gorazd Planinsic

Program 3 Dr. Cherilynn Morrow

Program 4 Dr. Klas Fresk Director of Tom Tits Experiment

Dr. Paul Doherty is a Senior Staff Scientist at the Exploratorium and is himself the creator of hundreds of scientific explorations. He is a co-author of the Exploratorium Science Snackbook and of the million-selling Explorabook as well as the Zap book and the Klutz Book of Magnetic Magic. Dr. Doherty received his PhD in Soild State Physics from MIT in 1974 but he has been doing science experiments since he was four years old when he stuck a pair of scissors into a wall socket. After surviving this potentially deadly experiment hehas become a firm believer in doing science explorations safely.