Force and Motion

Reaction Time

Downhill Race Exploration

Downhill race Snack now with PVC

Soup Can Race

Newton's Laws Paul Doherty

Newton's Laws Don Rathjen

Whack a stack

Card and coin on cup

Falling Coins

Puff Tube

Bouncing Balls


Other Force and motion explorations.

Falling Rhythm

Spring Scales


Drop a slinky falling faster than g

Frictionless CD airpuck


Pul the tablecloth out from under the dishes:

Giant version:



Epic Fail

Velocity addition Baseball pitching machine

Collision plane and concrete wall at 500 mph

Mythbusters recreation

Mythbusters  Bullet drop vs fired

Mythbusters Phonebook friction

Forces and rock climbing

Monkey and Hunter  live monkey    look on this page

What answers do you think your students would give to these "Simple" questions on force and motion? (Simple in quotes means tricky)

What is your acceleration right now? to within 1% of g.
What is your velocity right now?
What is the force of gravity on you right now?What is the net force on you right now? to within 1% of the force of gravity.
What are other forces on you right now?
Why doesn’t an electron fall into an atom?
(Why doesn’t the moon fall toward the earth?)

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty


14 September 2011