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Paul Doherty plays the aluminum rod photo by Marko Budisa
Paul plays the aluminum rod at Bistra castle

GIREP: The International Group for the Teaching of Physics, 2005

The 3rd International GIREP Seminar in Ljubljana Slovenia 5 to 9 September 2005, invited me to be a speaker.
I presented a paper on the Exploratorium Teacher Institute and did a science performance after the conference dinner at Bistra Castle.

The conference was attended by many tremendously talented physics teachers from around Europe and the World.
I saw many new viewpoints on science teaching and gathered some new science demos.

It was great to visit Slovenia. The conference took us to the eponymous Karst region where we toured the Skocjan cave.
I've toured many caves but never one with a large river running through it.

It was a pleasure to see the House of Experiments, Where Miha Kos has assembled a great team and created a science museum.

Special thanks to Gorazd Planinsic for inviting me to this conference and for Luka Vidic for getting my demonstration materials.


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Traces of Time
See time in the natural world around you.

Colors of Nature
The source of colors in the world.

Glove Compartment Science
A Klutz menu of road activities. Image right ->

Zap Science: A Scientific Playground in a Book
A book of science activities.

The Klutz Book of Magnetic Magic
A steel cover book with 10 magnets.

Over one million copies sold!


The Exploratorium Magazine

My most recent article is:

Electronic Astronomy.

My most recent activity is

Paper Airplanes

electronic astronomy image of Mauna Kea telescopes

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Together with Pat Murphy I write a Quarterly Column.

In 2001 we went to twice a year.

Our latest article is about:

Mirrors and Right-Left reversal

Here's an exploration:

Mirror Exploration.

Images Share some of my views of science in the world.

Images of science



and much more.

two sets of waves add together © 1999

Webcasts: The Exploratorium produces programs on the web.

Breaking News

Scientific American Magazine presented their Science and Technology web awards for 2004 in the category of astronomy the winner was the Exploratorium's Cassini-Huygens website. We beat out NASA!

In the award notice online they mentioned me by name suggesting that viewers watch, "riveting webcasts by Paul Doherty, the most enthusiastic astronomer ever to don a headset, and his game sidekick, NASA's Eric Wegryn. "

I was pleased to join the ranks of Sherlock Holmes and the Lone Ranger (as a person with a sidekick).

I told Eric about the good news and bad news: Good news: he was mentioned in Scientific American, and bad news, he was mentioned as my sidekick.

Pauld Doherty and "Sidekick" planetary scientist Dr. Eric Wegryn.

Iron Science Teacher

A webcast competition for science teachers. A secret ingredient is unveiled, then six teachers each create a science activity. They present a 5 minute science lesson using this ingredient.

The audience selects the Iron Science Teacher!

There are a dozen Iron Science Teacher programs webcast each year.

Line of contestants for Iron Science Teacher

Live on the Faultline 1999

#1 Blasting Agent

#2 GPS half-spiders prowl the fault

#3 THE Richter Scale

#4 Offset Streams

#5 Be here when it happens

#6 The End, and another beginning.

faultline crew, Paul and blasting agents truck
A Live webcast of filling a well with blasting agent.

Eclipse Diary

Turkey 1999

#1 27 July 99 The Dance of the Sun and the Moon

#2 8 August 99 Memories of Eclipses Past

#3 10 August Explainers of Amasya

#4 11 August Meteorological and Electrical Disaster?

#5 11 August Totality

#6 11 August Afterword

full moon rise over Yosemite

Solar Eclipse 2001

IJune 21, 2001 there was a total solar eclipse in Zambia Africa. I was there.

Check out our adventures on the Exploratorium Eclipse site.

My stories:

  1. Ready to Go

  2. Arrival in Zambia

  3. The Dance of the Earth and the Moon

  4. Kubu Cabins

  5. A Day at Sausage Tree Camp

  6. What we need is a Physicist.

  7. Are the Rays Real?

  8. In the Dark

Diamond Ring before totality in Zambia 2001

Antarctica 2001-2002

I travelled to McM<urdo station, climbed Mt. Erebus, and visited the Dry Valleys! Read about it here.

  1. Passing the physical

  2. Leaving Home

  3. On the Ice

  4. To The Ice Caves

  5. Paul's Notes from McMurdo

  6. School

  7. Mt. Erebus

  8. The Flying Geologists

  9. Climbing Castle Rock

  10. Hiking the Dry Valleys

Our Patch


The Exploratorium Magazine

My most recent article is:

Electronic Astronomy.

My most recent activity is

Paper Airplanes

electronic astronomy image of Mauna Kea telescopes


Sounds Like Fun

Paul's invited presentation on the science of the "whirly" at the Science is Fun session of the 2001 meeting of the AAAS,

paul plays the big whirly

Physics Explanations of physical phenomena.


Atmospheric Optics

Explore the origin of light and color in the sky.

Atmospheric Optics


Explore the origin of lift forces on an airplane wing



Why is the sky blue?

Why are clouds white?

Why is water blue? Why is it not?

Why is ice blue?

Why is the sky bright?


Metric Activities

Metric Prefixes

There are some funny ones here.

If there were a zepto Marx brother how much of a Marx brother would there be?

Guide to Metric prefixes

and a fun quiz!

Paul's Homepage

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

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