These images are all by Paul Doherty.

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The appearance of the stars from a relativistic spacecraft.

Here is the view of the sky at v = 0.92c

Click on the photo to see the views at other speeds.

A shadow essay

Click on the large image to see the full essay.

Climber on overhang, shadow, Joshua Tree © 1999

A stack of Lenticular clouds

Lenticular clouds © 1999 Paul Doherty

Ripples in a puddle. Ellen in the Pariah River canyon.

Reflections from ripples © 1999 Paul Doherty

Two sets of ripples add together in a pond near the Finger of Fate Idaho.

You are seeing the "shadows of the ripples" on the bottom of the pond.

Refraction of light by two sets of ripples © 1999 Paul Doherty

Shadow of the Gateway Arch St. Louis.

shadow of the St. Louis Arch © 1999

Diffraction of waves througha square slit in an island off the Coast of big Sur California.

diffracion at big sur

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