Fresno MET

Exhibit Group D

September 2006, Paul Doherty


Earth Sciences

Aeolian Landscape

Air blowing over sand or snow creates ripples, waves and dunes which change the flow of the air. A complex process that makes interesting patterns.

Cloud Rings,

Blow bubbles into the clouds and watch them spiral.
There is a commercial toy known as the Airzooka that blows vortex rings.
Volcanos sometimes blow vortex rings of smoke.

Confused Sea:

Most waves are created by wind.

Fluttering Silk


Geyser physics, how to build a small geyser and how they work.


A model for how magma intrudes the crust of the earth creating chambers and volcanos.


Rift Zone

Sea of Clouds

Spring Box

When water bubbles up through sand, quicksand may result.

Tectonic Basin

(Vibrating Sandbox) The forefront of physics involves the study of "Soft matter" like the vibrating sand and air mixture in this exhibit. It also feels good!

Light and Reflection

Anti-Gravity Mirror:

Finding Images

Right-left reversal in a flat mirror,

Exploring right-left

Corner Reflector: (Snack)

Right-left reversal in 3 mirrors

Duck into Kaleidoscope

Everyone is You and Me

Mirrorly a Window


Touch the Spring

Your Fathers Nose

Pendulums and Phase Play

Center of Gravity (Snack)

Coupled Pendulums

Coupled Pendulums version 2

Drawing Table

Magnetic Pendulum

Pendulum Relative Motion

Pendulum Snake

Pendulum Table

Phase Pendulum,

Blue Sky Hot Melt Glue, a Snack to accompany this exhibit.

Why is the sky blue? an essay.

Rotating Pendulum


Coriolis Fountain

Momentum Machine

Satellite Orbit Simulator


Blow soap bubbles into the tornado exhibit to race the motion of the air in places where there are no water drops to make the air visible.

Turbulent Orb


Water Spinner (Snack)

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

© 2006

21 September 2006