LIGO Grand Opening Workshop

November 14 ,2006

Paul Doherty, Tom Humphrey, Lori Lambertson


Pinhole See your pupil

Bouncing Ball, Listen to the bouncing ball

Bouncing Balls, drop one ballon top of another.

Doppler Effect

Hot Spot

Kettle Drum

Piano Strobe

Where's That Sound?

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Doppler Effect.

A tone generator inside of a tennis ball produces a doppler shifted sound when it is swung around.

When there is relative motion between an object that is emitting sound and a receiver, the frequency of the sound detected by the receiver will be different from the sound emitted by the emitter.

Doppler Snack, a pdf from the original Snackbook.

Doppler effect animation

Hear the doppler effect from a car horn

Sound Circles, Trace the circles of sound emanating from a moving sounds source and see the doppler effect.

Hot Spot

Reach out and touch a hot spot hanging in space.

The most sensitive infrared detecting skin on your body is on your cheek and on the back of your hand.

Hot Spot Snack, Make a hot spot exhibit.

Finding images in a mirror, Point at an image from two different locations and locate the image.

Ray Tracing, Trace rays of light to find out where an image will be found.

Light Island, Make rays of light and use then to find images.

Scan a Laser, use a laser to show the path of light reflecting off a curved mirror.


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