LIGO Motion Explorations 2014


Watts a Joule lift a 2 Liter bottle to do work and provide power.
Watts a Joule longer write-up by Don Rathjen.

Over the Hill activity writeup by Don Rathjen
Over the Hill Video

Downhill Race Measure motion under constant acelleration
Downhill race Video


Curved track: Gravtity's Rainbow, Tautochrone and tides:

Reaction timer, use a ruler falling with constant acceleration under gravity to calculate your reaction time

Domino Model of a Nerve measure motion at constant velocity, and then explore how it depends on the spacing between the dominos.


Line up by hand temperature

Cage model of an ideal gas
Video of ideal gas model exhibit

Cool Hot Rod
Cool Hot Rod Thermal Expansion Calculation


Thought Experiment Solid Liquid Gas

Boyling water, Boil water by reducing the pressure at room temperature.


Build a spectroscope from a compact disk

Spectrum of light using an overhead projector

Energy Level Model

The Fabric of the Universe

Graph the Universe by Paul Doherty

PlayDoh model of the Earth and Moon

PlayDoh Model of Collidiing Black Holes

Balloon Universe

Sinewave on a Rubberband

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