Science of Sound
with Music

You can hear a lot just by listening

A keynote presentation at the Exploratorium NGSS workshop 2014

The Keynote Sounds Like Science

Head Harp, wrap a string around your head and pluck it.

Head Massager Resonance, The head massager has two lengths of prongs if you pluck one long prong all the long prongs oscillate in resonance. Pluck a short prong and all the oher short prongs resonate.

Straw Oboe, make a straw oboe then make it louder by ading a bell.

Ringing Aluminum Rod Strike an aluminum rod with a mallet and pinch it in different places to explore its resonances.

PVC Rod, Oscillate a 10 foot long 1/2 inch diameter PVC rod to demonstrate its transverse resonances.

Slinky sound model Support a slinky on a string or PVC rod and model sound waves.

Waves on a phone cord Use a coiled phonecord to make standing waves, fundamental and harmonics.

Vibration creates sound, vibrate a hacksaw blade held in a vise. Change the length of the blade and go from vibration to sound.

Whirly The resonances of a corrugated tube.



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Scientific Explorations by Paul Doherty

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21 November 2014