Camping with Paul and Ellen

Here are scenes from our recent camping trips.

Here's our trip vehicle, Horace, the full-size, 1998, GMC Savanah Van.

Our trip vehicle, Horace the GMC Savanah Van.

Horace has always run well. (Except that his inside panels on all the doors have fallen off, on every door, and on one door a replacement panel has fallen off. GMC explained that a supplier must have had a bad batch. The latest replacements have been hanging in there.)


Notice our bed. It is six and a half feet long and wide. The platform is made from inch and a quarter rofing plywood. By using the inch and a quarter plywood I could eliminate all support pillars from under the bed. This makes it much easier to slide in and out the plastic containers hat old our gear. The plywood is bolted to two by fours that ae in turn bolted to the metal frames inside th truck. The plastic panels inside the truck fell right off when I wanted to remove them revealing the frames. The plywood is covered with 4 inch thick foam.


The bed height is chosen so that we can put a Kelty frame pack underneath it sideways, and also sit up on top of the bed. The underneath area holds up to 9 plastic storage bins. Usually one for me, Ellen, the food, a cooler and two half-height boxes for the kitchen. That leaves four more boxes for trip specific items like climbing gear or backpacks.

The Kitchen

We have good knives and cooking utensils in the kitchen, it pays in the long run.

Here is Ellen cutting up vegetables . We've got both burners going, one for pasta and one for veges. Ellen brought along some fresh herbs from our backyard too.

Ellen Making Dinner
Ellen making dinner.

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