Lunch Ledge route on Washington olumn.

The Lunch Ledge Route on Washington Column.

The route starts on the line between white and gray rock just above the middle of the photograph.

We started in a shadow of a left facing corner and climbed down and to the right around that corner and up to a small tree. In 2000 the tree had rap slings on it. Then I went up to another tree with rap slings and belayed. (I probably should have done this in 2 pitches.)
The second tree is at the beginning of a large ledge heading right to a tall pine tree. This ledge is off route but it does lead to a beautiful 5.8 hand crack variation to the lunch ledge route.

Joe lead the second pitch mostly up and a little right to a forked tree and a belay.

The 3rd pitch goes up 25 feet and right around a bulge to a set of stair steps leading to a pine tree.

The 4'th pitch continues up from here a full 165 foot ropelength up easy cracks and chimneys.

The 5'th pitch traverses left to the base of the Reigelhuth Chimney. I belayed at a 3 bolt rap anchor.

The 6'th pitch goes straight up the "chimney" which is actually more of a jam crack, to lunch ledge itself. A bolt protects the crux 5.6 move. It's a tough move, the rating however comes from an older time, climb it and appreciate the hard men of the 1930's who created this climb: Hervey Voge, Richard Leonard, Jules Eichorn, and Bestor Robinson.

We needed 2 ropes to make the 90 foot first rappel down from Lunch ledge and onto the rappel highway back to the ground.

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty


30 Oct 2000