Nano Day 3

Self Assembly

Nano Object of the Day

Stained Glass Troy Dassler

NISEnet Stained glass lesson plan UW Madison

You are self assembled.

Examples and Explorations of self assembly

Gold Nanostructures (Venetian stained glass)

Gold and silver nanostructures change color with size.

Gold nanoparticles (coated glass) are used to heat via IR and kill cancer cells.
Silver nano particles are used to kill bacteria.
Precipitated particles return to the original color

Encapsulation, Micelles, and self assembly NNIN

Starch iodine solution version of encapsulation.


Color My Nanoworld    J Chem Ed

Models of self-assembly

Crystal self assembly, Sodium chloride by evaporation.

Floating Coins, aluminum coins float on water and assemble into crystal structures.

A short version of self-assembly by floating coins.

Garden of magnets, floating magnets form crystalline arrays.  Circular symmetry, square symmetry.

Garden of magnets mini   A smaller version of self assembled magnets.

Liquid Crystals

Using Thermochromic liquid crystal sheets.

Information on liquid crystal sheets


Blue Morpho Butterfly, Rashmi Nanjundaswany, Lawrence Hall of Science


Quantum effects

Gravity Well Model of Atomic Energy levels

Chair energy level Model

LEDs as man made energy level systems

Cenco quantum dot kit $100  Indium phosphide. NNIN exhibit.
Smaller dots have larger bandgaps


Quantum dots, energy bands, light absorption and emission LEDs

NNIN Quantum Dots Teacher

NNIN Quantum Dots Student

Quantum coral





Reflection Time


Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

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