Nano Object of the Day

Possible Objects

Stained Glass

CD, DVD, BluRay
Pits on a CD Peel a CD

The Lotus Effect, i.e. water balls up on lotus leaves. Lotus leaves are on sale in Chinese Groceries.
Nasturtium leaves water balls up on leaf and cleans off dirt modeled by cinnamon.
Lettuce is wet by water vs cabbage (chard) is not.

Nano pants

Gecko foot, Exploratorium Bio department, Gecko Foot adhesive.

Colors of the Blue Morpho butterfly   Wednesday or Thursday

Integrated circuit chip, nano scale wiring.

Nano sunblock

Hydrophobic Sand

Bucky Balls

Carbon nanotubes.

Liquid Crystal Thermal Postcards

Cholesteric, twisted nematic, liquid crystals reflect different colors as a function of temperature. The molecules in the liquid crystal self assemble into a spiral-staircase like structure that changes its spacing as temperature changes.

Liquid crystal explorations


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7 April 2010